The Decagon House Murders, Vol. 1: Spoiler-Free Review

Hello, and happy Tuesday! While some amazing books have released today, I’m here to talk about a manga coming out next week, The Decagon House Murders, volume 1. I devoured this adaptation of Yukito Asatsuji’s bestselling murder mystery novel in less than an hour and I sprinted to my blog to post a review. This book can’t come out fast enough for me!

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She Who Became the Sun: Spoiler-Free Review

This week has been wonderful for stunning releases, and none shine more brilliantly, in this reviewer’s humble opinion, than the radiant SHE WHO BECAME THE SUN by Shelley Parker-Chan. (Is this post going to be full of light-related puns? Does my diet consist of nothing but low-hanging fruit? Yes. The answer is absolutely yes.) I can’t wait to dive into what I thought of this!

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The Bone Way: Spoiler-Free Review

Happy Saturday, and welcome back to Ravens and Pages! It’s been a bit, but I decided to take June and most likely July as well off from content creation to focus on my mountain load of ARCs. While I’ve been enjoying the time off, I’m sure you all missed me, so here’s my review of a sapphic novella releasing today, The Bone Way by Holly J. Underhill.

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